How to Prepare your Items for Storage

The month of April is the perfect time to do a little reorganizing, decluttering, and maybe even considering using a storage facility to free up space in your home or office. Whether you’re moving spaces, downsizing, or just wanting to make a little more space, good preparation is key to making sure your belongings stay safe and well-preserved in storage. Here are a few steps to prepare your items for storage!

Decide on Your Storage Needs

Before you start packing, look around and take note of what you are planning to store. Think about things like size, fragility, and frequency of use. These things will help you decide on the best type and size of storage unit that you’ll need. If you’re looking for professional storage in Southeast Texas, Burris Moving and Storage can help you find the best one for your needs!

Declutter and Organize

Looking critically through your belongings before packing is essential to the experience. Separate your things into piles labeled keep, donate, sell, and trash. This will not only help you pack as quickly as possible, but it also makes sure that you only store what you really need. For things you decide to keep, but do not need immediate access to, consider placing them in storage.

Clean and Prepare Items

Make sure all the items you are looking to store are thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent any mold or mildew. Take apart any furniture possible to save space and pack the smaller things within the larger ones when possible. Make sure to utilize good packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, and boxes to protect your more delicate items.

Pack and Label Boxes

Pack your items in stackable boxes and fill any empty spaces with packing materials to stop any shifting. Make straightforward labels for each box and outline special handling instructions, if any. This will make the process of finding specific items and unpacking easier later on.

Arrange Items Well

When you’re loading your storage unit, put the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter or more fragile ones on top. Leave some paths open for easy access to items toward the front of unit! Remember not to stack anything too high to prevent accidents.

Create an Inventory List

Keep a detailed list of all of the times you’ve stored, including descriptions, number, and box numbers. Doing this will help you keep track of your belongings and create an easier retrieval when you need it.

By following these steps you can be sure that your items are well prepared for storage! With good planning and organization, you can maximize your space, keep your things safe, and enjoy an organized and clutter-free environment. Contact us and view our moving tips. Happy storing!